Who We Are

CoreBioLabs is a CAP accredited, CLIA certified, High Complexity reference laboratory specializing in cancer diagnosis. Find out more about what CoreBioLabs can do for you.

Our goal is to develop and provide innovative diagnostic tools to improve physician’s capabilities through our urine cytology, molecular and pharmacogenetic testing. Our primary focus is the creation of innovative screening tests that can detect cancers and cancer precursors at their earliest stages, which correlates to less invasive treatments and cures, while decreasing mortality rates. We provide high complexity molecular testing with fast, accurate results and improve personalized medicine by identifying one's genetic makeup in order to understand responses to specific medications.

Office Office

Utilizing the latest technology in Cytology and Molecular diagnostics, CoreBioLabs works with our physicians to improve patient outcomes through the earliest detection possible and delivering advanced testing during the treatment stages.

  • No need to collect additional samples for test performance on same specimen
  • Lower instance of rejected samples requiring re-collection from patient
  • Uninterrupted treatment process
  • Practice time and resource savings
  • Specimen Partitioning – Allows you to request additional testing on the same sample while eliminating need for recollection.
  • Online Ordering/Result Review – Online access or ERM Interface options available.
  • Pro Direct Hotline – Allows the doctor to speak directly to our lab professionals and discussany questions.
  • Field Collaboration – We track our specimens, the doctors and the areas from which they are received, and then work with our physician partners to identify necessary testing based on your population.

Zero-Tolerance for Error Policy

CoreBioLabs Zero Tolerance for Error policy is our commitment to you and your patients in providing the most accurate and timely results possible, allowing you to focus on care. From the moment your specimen is shipped to the delivery of results, we work to ensure that you feel confident throughout the process.

Effectiveness of these programs has been demonstrated through our C.A.P. Proficiency testing results where CoreBioLabs has achieved 100% accuracy on each test since 2001.

To further reduce concern, when possible, our lab staff retains a portion of each sample for further requested testing or to re-test if you contact CoreBioLabs with concerns regarding the results. You can always contact our Laboratory Scientific Team by calling 330.405.2623 with any questions or concerns regarding your samples or tests we offer.

In our efforts to continue improving the quality of this program, we have initiated the Field Partner Program. Through this program, we work closely with our referring physicians to identify where errors may occur, including the investigation of outlier results which may lead to more effective testing. Our partners are invited to submit their experiences and cases to the lab that they feel will improve our processes and therefore their ability to treat their patients.

Positive or unspecified results are retested, at no additional cost.

Manual performance on many tests and oversight of automated testing all but eliminates error caused by equipment malfunction.

We strive to simplify your staff’s collection efforts by reducing the types and varied methods of collection found in the market today.