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We help healthcare providers streamline medical diagnostics with accurate, efficient, and integrated testing solutions.

Make Corebiolabs Genetic Testing Part of your Routine Healthcare


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Healthcare providers face a constant struggle with diagnostic labs: unmet expectations, complicated processes, and inconsistent results. You need a lab partner that not only understands these challenges but actively works to resolve them. Enter CoreBioLabs: redefining lab partnerships by turning these challenges into opportunities for enhanced patient care and streamlined practice efficiency.

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From routine tests to specialized diagnostics, CoreBioLabs offers an extensive range of diagnostic panels.

Pioneering Precision in Personalized Healthcare

At CoreBioLabs, we’re not just revolutionizing diagnostic lab testing; we’re simplifying it. Our mission is to make precision-based, genomics-driven medicine accessible and actionable for every healthcare provider and their patients.

We’re committed to transforming healthcare by delivering state-of-the-art diagnostic solutions that not only enhance clinical decision-making but also streamline workflows, making the practice of medicine more efficient and focused on patient outcomes.

By swiftly and accurately interpreting advanced diagnostic data, we empower clinicians with results that are not just data-rich but also clinically meaningful and easy to integrate into daily practice.

Our approach combines cutting-edge genomic analysis with comprehensive phenotypic data, facilitating the diagnosis of disease and the development of effective treatments for complex health challenges.

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Experience the CoreBioLabs Difference

Frustrated with Inaccurate Results?
At CoreBioLabs, precision isn’t just a guiding value; it’s our promise. Our advanced testing methodologies aim to empower you to make accurate diagnoses every time.

Tired of Complex Processes?
Say goodbye to cumbersome workflows. Our seamless integration and user-friendly interfaces are designed to make your life easier.

Disappointed by Limited Test Offerings?
We offer a wide array of services, including: Molecular PCR Testing, Culture and Sensitivity Testing, Clinical Toxicology Testing, and Clinical Hematology Testing, ensuring comprehensive care for your patients.

Why CoreBioLabs?

Integration Made Easy:
Our systems work with yours, not against them. Effortless integration for a smoother workflow.

Rapid Results, Reliable Service:
Quick turnaround times with results you can trust.

Expert Support:
Our team of specialists is always available to assist with interpretation and advice.

Tailored to Your Needs:
We understand every practice is different. Our services are flexible to meet your unique requirements.

Transform Your Diagnostic Experience

Ready to enhance your practice’s diagnostic capabilities? Join the growing number of healthcare professionals who have discovered the CoreBioLabs difference. Precise diagnostics, comprehensive services, and reliable results – that’s our commitment to you.

Lets Hear What People Say

CoreBioLabs is a CAP accredited and CLIA certified high-complexity molecular lab. The lab was founded in 2012 and is anchored by Board Certified Molecular Biologists and Pathologists. Our team is committed to the highest standard of patient care and provider customer service. State-of-the-art equipment provides precise, comprehensive and reliable results for our providers.

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