Pioneer PCR Testing for Women’s Health Infections

Addressing Diagnostic Challenges in Women’s Health

Accurately diagnosing infections in women’s health – particularly those caused by bacterial, viral, and fungal pathogens – is a critical yet complex task for healthcare providers. Symptoms such as irritation, discharge, and discomfort are often shared across various infections, complicating the process of distinguishing between causative agents. The presence of mixed or co-infections, where multiple pathogens require differing treatments, adds to this complexity. Traditional diagnostic methods frequently lack the precision needed for accurate identification, especially in mixed infection scenarios.

Women's Health Panel

CoreBioLabs delivers comprehensive insights into women’s health with a meticulous analysis of pathogens pertinent to female reproductive and sexual health. Our Women’s Health panel employs state-of-the-art molecular identification techniques, with the QuantStudio 12 Flex by ThermoFisher®, to detect a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

WH CPP – Comprehensive Pathogen Panel


  • Atopobium vaginae
  • Bacteroides fragilis
  • BVAB2
  • Klebsiella pneumoniae
  • Megasphaera 1
  • Megasphaera 2

WH Pelvic – Uterus, Fallopian Tube, Ovaries Infection Panel


  • Atopobium vaginae
  • Megasphaera 1
  • Gardnerella vaginalis
  • Prevotella bivia
  • Escherichia coli

STI Pathogens Panel

  • Neisseria gonorrhoeae
  • Chlamydia trachomatis
  • Trichomonas vaginalis
  • Mycoplasma genitalium
  • Mycoplasma hominis
  • Treponema pallidum
  • Ureaplasma urealyticum

Pregnancy Panel

  • Mycoplasma genitalium
  • Mycoplasma hominis
  • Gonorrhea/ Neisseria gonorrhoeae
  • Chlamydia trachomatis
  • Streptococcus agalactiae

WH VVC – Vagina, Vulva, Cervix Infection Panel


  • Atopobium vaginae
  • BVAB2
  • Chlamydia trachomatis
  • Megasphaera 1
  • Megasphaera 2
  • Gardnerella vaginalis

Candida Panel

  • Candida albicans
  • Candida glabrata
  • Candida krusei
  • Candida parapsilosis
  • Candida tropicalis
  • Candida lusitaniae

HPV Panel

  • HPV-2
  • HPV-6
  • HPV-11
  • HPV-16
  • HPV-18
  • HPV-26
  • HPV-31
  • HPV-33
  • HPV-35
  • HPV-39
  • HPV-40
  • HPV-42
  • HPV-43
  • HPV-44
  • HPV-45
  • HPV-51
  • HPV-52
  • HPV-53
  • HPV-55
  • HPV-56
  • HPV-58
  • HPV-59
  • HPV-61
  • HPV-66
  • HPV-68
  • HPV-73
  • HPV-81
  • HPV-82
  • HPV-83

Antibiotic Resistance Genes

  • Carbapenems
  • ESBL
  • Fosfomycin
  • Macrolide
  • Quinolone
  • Sulfonamide/ Trimethoprim
  • Tetracycline
  • Vancomycin
  • AmpC
  • Methicillin

CoreBioLabs’ PCR Testing: Empowering Accurate Women’s Health Diagnostics

CoreBioLabs is at the forefront of addressing these diagnostic complexities with our advanced PCR testing services for women’s health:

  • Precise Pathogen Identification: Our PCR testing is specifically designed to differentiate between bacterial, viral, and fungal pathogens, providing accurate diagnoses in complex cases.
  • Effective Management of Co-Infections: With the ability to detect multiple pathogens in a single test, our PCR technology is particularly adept at handling cases of mixed infections.
  • Rapid Results for Timely Treatment: Delivering quick and reliable diagnoses, our PCR tests enable prompt initiation of appropriate treatments, reducing discomfort and preventing complications.
  • Combating Antimicrobial Resistance: By ensuring precise pathogen detection, our testing supports targeted treatment strategies, helping to mitigate the global issue of antimicrobial resistance.
  • Enhancing Quality of Life: Accurate and timely diagnosis reduces the emotional and physical burden of recurrent or persistent infections, significantly improving patient quality of life.

CoreBioLabs’ PCR Testing: Targeted, Swift, and Sensitive

CoreBioLabs addresses these challenges head-on with our state-of-the-art PCR testing services, specifically designed for women’s health infections:

  1. Highly Sensitive and Specific: Our PCR tests can detect even minute amounts of genetic material from a wide range of pathogens, ensuring accurate identification of the causative agent(s).
  2. Rapid Diagnosis for Timely Treatment: Delivering results faster than traditional methods, our PCR testing accelerates the initiation of appropriate and effective treatment.
  3. Detecting Mixed and Co-Infections: The multiplex capability of our PCR tests allows for the simultaneous detection of multiple pathogens, crucial in cases of mixed or co-infections.
  4. Reducing Unnecessary Antibiotic Use: Accurate pathogen identification aids in prescribing targeted treatment, mitigating the risk of antimicrobial resistance.
  5. Patient-Centric Approach: PCR testing is less invasive and more comfortable, encouraging patient compliance and facilitating easier sample collection.
  6. Improved Patient Outcomes: By providing precise diagnostic information, our PCR tests contribute to better management of infections, enhancing overall health and well-being.

CoreBioLabs’ PCR Testing: Empowering Women’s Health with Precision and Care

Turn to CoreBioLabs for advanced PCR testing in women’s health. Our services not only offer precision and speed but also prioritize patient comfort and well-being. Embrace the future of women’s health diagnostics with CoreBioLabs – where accuracy meets compassion.

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